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$14 All day admission ages 2 and over.

 $8  Under the age of 2. (This admission is waved if accompanied with child over age 2)

Free waters are included with any admission to our establishment!


$365 One child, one year

$500 Full Family, year pass


Snacks available at our establishment. Currently we do not have a kitchen and do not offer other options that aren't pre-packaged. Pizza is welcomed to be brought into our facility during this transitioning period!



Hours of Operation:

Mon- Tues: Closed
Wed-Thurs: 11-7
Friday: 11-8
Saturday: 10-8
Sunday: 11-6


We reserve the right to close early due to low volumes. If a power outage or severe weather affects our area, it may be necessary for us to close early or delay opening in the interest of safety.

Please check on our Facebook page for any emergency closings, as we are a very small business and family focused ourselves. Thank you!

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